The Burn Pit Vets Won a Victory, But to What End?

Burn Pit Vets Won

The American Conservative magazine wrote an important news article about the adverse health impacts of war zone toxic exposures today titled, “The Burn Pit Vets Have Won a Victory, But to What End?”  In the piece, Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, the magazine’s executive editor, announced a free screening of the new documentary film, “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die” in Washington, DC on March 8.  The film provides a poignant account of the struggles faced by Veterans and families who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Gulf War.

The American Conservative article quotes Bergmann & Moore partner Glenn Bergmann, who said, “Veterans and Americans need to know that more than 124,000 veterans signed up for VA’s burn pit registry, and many more filed claims that are too often denied by VA.”  Visit our web page dedicated to burn pit exposure claims and appeals.

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