Veterans are using VR to cope with PTSD

VR and ptsd

Many Veterans of all different generations struggle with PTSD. Virtual Reality also known as “VR” is a way to immerse yourself in an environment in a safe way. VR has become a very popular way of playing video games. But due to the increase in graphics, the virtual reality can be used in other outlets. Veterans struggling with PTSD have the ability to cope with their symptoms by immersing themselves back to the place that caused the PTSD. 

“The idea of prolonged exposure is to re-experience troubling memories, which VR can help unlock in ways not possible before, bringing veterans back to the inside of a Humvee along the dirt roads of Iraq or into the jungles of Vietnam. Afterward, veterans can debrief and employ cognitive therapy, learning to process the memories in a new and hopefully better way, while in a safe and controlled environment. The goal is to change how they feel about the memory instead of avoiding it in constant fear.”

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