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If VA denied your disability compensation claim or you think VA didn’t grant you the full amount you deserve, then Bergmann & Moore will evaluate your claim for free. Even if we are unable to formally represent you, we will provide you with free advice regarding the next steps you should take with your claim.


Veterans Pay Our Fee Voluntarily.

At Bergmann & Moore, our Veteran clients pay us directly—which means we only get paid after our clients receive their benefits. The fact that we have grown to become one of the largest Veterans’ law firms in the United States bears witness to our success and the faith our clients place in us.


Peace Of Mind After A Win.

We will assist you for free if VA ever tries to take back a VA benefit we won for you as your Counsel. This promise is good for the rest of your life. If a client passes away during our representation or after successful representation before VA, we will help your eligible survivors obtain any benefits they deserve from VA…again, for free.


Call and Find Out Who We Are.

Selecting the right attorney is extremely important to your claim. Don’t sign away your power of attorney with someone you don’t know. Call and speak directly with our experienced intake staff. We want you to select your attorney based on all the information you need.


Never Pay Any Upfront Costs.

We do not want you to sign anything until you speak to us. An attorney-client relationship is built with trust. We want to know who you are, and we want you to know who we are. See if you are comfortable with us.

We represent Veterans who appeal to the Court at no cost to them. If we win for you, the VA pays our fees. If we lose, we get nothing, not even our costs. For VA appeals at the Regional Office or Board of Veterans Appeals, we are paid a percentage of the retroactive compensation granted.


“After being denied by the VA 4 times since 1997, I retained Bergmann & Moore. Upon my initial conversation, I knew I had made the correct decision in retaining this firm when Mr. Moore told me and my wife that our claim was valid and worth pursuing, as he had many years’ experience working for the VA and evaluating claims…I have dealt with law firms and attorneys most of my adult life and I can honestly say, Bergmann & Moore rank as the finest I’ve run across. I would not have won this Award without their professional help–it really is that simple. They are true professionals who are dedicated to helping and assisting Veterans of any age or conflict. If you have a valid claim, contact this law firm immediately. Don’t wait years as I did, and most of all, do NOT attempt to take on the VA system by yourself. You’ll come up short! My wife and family can now enjoy our “Golden Years” together, and it does not get any better than that. Thank you, Mr. Moore & Staff.”

C. Lundgren

“Thank you so very much for your help! This would have been absolutely impossible without your intervention. As you are well aware, we have been trying for years to battle for our rights. All the others whose job it was to protect our rights accomplished nothing. Thanks again!”

D. Wilson

“I can’t thank you enough for taking my case and winning for me. I would recommend you to anyone who needs the best lawyer in the nation. You are such a nice person to talk to. Dealing with the VA is tough. They kept denying me. I’m so grateful for you. I still find it hard to believe.”

J. Barrett

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