Our Services

With offices in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, Bergmann & Moore provides legal assistance exclusively to veterans and their dependents in their compensation and pension claims against the VA.

When you call, you will talk directly to one of our veteran’s attorneys, not a law clerk. We provide a free, no-strings-attached evaluation of your claim. For us to best serve you we ask that you provide a copy of your most recent Board of Veterans’ Appeals decision.

We have handled hundreds of cases before the VA. Our clients are veterans with a number of physical and psychological conditions, from PTSD to muscle pain to depression to cardiovascular symptoms. We evaluate each case on an individual basis, so call us for a free consultation of your case.

At any stage in the appeal process, you can contact us for free advice, even before you have filed a claim. If your claim is denied by the BVA, you may appeal the decision to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). At this point, it is critical that veterans with claims before the Court obtain counsel. The VA will have a group of attorneys working to deny your claim at that point and veterans without an attorney are at a severe disadvantage.

Let us put our experience, knowledge, and expertise to work for you! Call us toll free at 1(877) 838-2889 or send us an email at info@vetlawyers.com.