Wichita Pilot Program

VA has been experimenting with expedited claims processes for a few years now, and the Wichita, KS Regional Office will be the new location for a pilot program.

VA hopes that by 2015, no Veteran waits longer than 125 days to have a claim decided. The Wichita RO will be trying out a new strategy: conducting on-the-spot claim reviews.

Veterans often don’t submit the necessary evidence and paperwork in the beginning, leading to constant letters between VA administrators and claimants that unnecessarily lengthen the process. The pilot program will help Veterans submit all the evidence needed at the time the application is filed so that decisions can be reached within a few days. If extra evidence is needed, like a VA exam, the Wichita RO has a goal of deciding such claims in 75 days.

The VA will conduct ongoing reviews of the new walk-in program to see if it should continue, be changed, or (hopefully) expanded to other ROs. If the program is successful, it could cut months off the wait time of many Veterans.

Kansas Veterans who would like to try out the walk-in claims program can call the VA at 1-800-827-1000 to schedule an appointment. To participate, veterans must personally attend a clinic before the appointment to learn about the process and what they’ll need to bring. For more information, visit the Wichita website and take a glance at the details.

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