Vietnam Veterans Welcomed Home

Heroes Honor Festival at the Daytona International Speedway 

The American Legion located in Florida had the vision to put on an event to honor the Vietnam Veterans that returned from the war in the late 60s and early 70s. U.S. Army veteran Ben Peterson organized the event to give Vietnam Veterans the welcome home they deserved many years ago. 

Why Vietnam Veterans came home to no parades

The Vietnam War was the first war broadcasted for the public to see. But unfortunately, the war being public knowledge caused civilians back in America to be shocked by what war is capable of and sought to shame service members for being a part of it. Not all Americans felt this way; some did not see the point of celebrating a service member coming home from their tour if we were not winning the war. The deployment of service members was also an issue. When one was deployed, another was returning home; it was difficult to celebrate when there was no end. 

Soldiers Returning from War will always have a Welcome Party

Vietnam Veterans have worked together to make sure returning service members always have a welcome home party waiting for them. For example, Ben Peterson said, when he arrived home from Afghanistan, “a line of Vietnam Veterans, which included American Legion Riders, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with American flags “guarding my welcome home.” This initiative sets up a domino effect for future generations to continue. 

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