**Vets4Warriors is not an emergency crisis hotline. It addresses challenges before they reach a crisis. If you or a loved one is in crisis call the Veterans Crisis line: dial 988 and then press 1.


The Vets4Warriors program is housed at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care National Call Center. This one-of-a-kind program offers 24/7 support to Veterans and their loved ones. This hotline is managed by Veterans who have been trained to support other Veterans in need. Having someone on the other line that has experienced similar circumstances can make a big difference.

Since the program was established in 2011, Vets4Warriors has made 650,000 connections with Veterans and their support systems. The program continues to make new connections each year with 7,000 new individuals who called in 2022.

Why it Works

Vets4Warriors provides immediate, free, and long-term support through a confidential phone call, email, or chat. When the Veteran reaches out, they are met with a peer that is ready to help in any way that they can. The conversation does not stop there, the program is designed to follow up with the Veteran and provide additional help.

The approach of the program is, “to prevent challenges from turning into crises by providing a support system. We believe that there is no physical, mental, or social challenge that we can’t help finding a solution for.”

Who can get help from Vets4Warriors?

  • Active-Duty Military service members
  • National Guard and Reserves service members
  • Veterans of every generation
  • Family members and caregivers

Call today at 1-855-838-8255

Or connect online

If you would like to be a Veteran helping Veterans through challenges, learn more here.

“Vets4Warriors Our Story” February 6, 2023.


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