Veterans Unemployment Rate

Veteran unemployment rate lower than civilians - tanks in desert

What is the unemployment rate?

The unemployment rate is the percentage of unemployed workers in the total labor force. An individual falls into the unemployed category when they do not have a job, when they are looking for a job, and when they are available to work. They must meet all three of the above to be considered unemployed. The labor force is all employed and unemployed individuals in an economy. 

Unemployment Among Veterans

In 2021 the unemployment rate for all Veterans was lower than the rate of nonveterans. And as of July 2022, the Veteran unemployment rate has been under 3% for five consecutive months. More businesses are hiring Veterans due to the skills they learned while in service. Many Veterans attend school while in service or once out of service with their G.I. bill. Businesses that hire Veterans can also receive benefits. 

The Jab Market Recovering from Covid

In the spring of 2020, the unemployment rate rose to more than 14 percent. The unemployment rate is now at 4 percent as the United States is recovering from the pandemic. 

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