Veterans Heal Through Hunting

A supervisor of recreation therapy at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Grand Junction Medical Center has come up with a unique therapy plan for Veterans with physical and psychological disabilities.

Matt Lucas has been organizing hunting trips since 2006, bringing Veterans on deer hunts, elk hunts and antelope hunts thus far.  Lucas worked with the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife to design safety precautions, such as limiting the Veterans to chambering a round only when they are ready to shoot, and preventing them from walking around with a loaded rifle.

Additionally, Lucas has applied for licenses in order to accommodate Veterans with physical disabilities.

Although Lucas originally envisioned the hunting therapy program as a means to treat Veterans with physical disabilities, the majority of applicants have post-traumatic stress disorder.  Lucas explains that Veterans benefit from being outside, and has noticed that the hunting often helps relieve the Veterans’ of their memories.

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  1. Matt, We have a Ranch in Townsend Montana that we would be honored& to be able to provide Elk, Mule deer, and white tail hunting for disabled veterans. It is located in Central Montana 35 miles east of Helena. The ranch has four hundred acres totally wheel chair accessible. The Ranch has a herd of up to 350 plus elk cross it. Canyon ferry lake is 3/4 of a mile from the cabin for trout fishing. We would love to share this blessing we were left with. Randy Knapp 253-677-9014 253-853-2277

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