September 29 is VFW Day

What is the VFW? VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars. This organization recognizes Veterans that were in foreign wars, expeditions, or campaigns.    The VFW was created in 1913, merging three war Veteran organizations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Colorado into one. But, the VFW recognizes September 29, 1899, as the founding date. On this...
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2023 VA Compensation Boost

  Congress recently finalized plans to guarantee Veterans the same cost of living increase as Social Security payouts. With inflation all over the country, Congress plans to boost benefits, including monthly VA compensation. The 2023 COLA will be the most significant margin increase in four decades.   What is COLA, and how does it affect...
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The End Veteran Hunger Act

    The new End Veteran Hunger Act would allow a five-year pilot program that would offer 50 million in grants to connect Veterans in need to a federal program like the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP).    Who is eligible to apply for the grant? This Act would go into play in 2023 and...
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Patriot Day 2022

  On September 11th 2001 at 8:46am an American Airlines Boeing 767 crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. It was believed to be a freak accident, until 17 minutes later when the second Boeing 767 crashed into the south tower. A third plane crashed into the Pentagon and the final plane...
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On September 6, 1915

  On September 6, 1915, the first tank reached completion in England. This tank was named Little Willie and was far from today’s tanks. However, the tank was a great prototype to see just what had been created and the potential for future models.   How did the tank get its name? The tank would...
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