Vet Place Central

On Monday, the 30th of August, American Legion officials visited with some of the Milwaukee area’s homeless Veterans. During their visit, they toured Vets Place Central at 33rd and Wells streets in Milwaukee.  This facility offers transitional housing to more than 70 local Veterans.

During their visit to the facility, Legion officials observed that the need for help is great. According to American Legion National Economic Commission Deputy Director Mark Walker, “We know that everyone needs to be involved — the government, private sector, nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations — because this is a problem, and it takes all of us to help this vulnerable community.”

“No veterans should ever be left behind. It’s important they be given a hand to fully reintegrate because of sacrifices they made for us and all Americans in the defense of our liberties and freedoms,” Center for Veterans Issue CEO and President Robert Cocroft said.

To learn more about the Center for Veterans Issues and Vets Place Central, please visit www.cvivet.org/housing.htm.

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  1. Mr. Lemos,
    I highly recommend getting in contact with your local VA regional office. VA has programs to assist Veterans find permanent housing and jobs. You can find more information here http://www.va.gov/homeless/. If your depression and seizures were due to your military service, you might also want to contact a local Veteran Service Officer to assist you in filing a disability claim with the VA. There are many resources for Veterans, both through government agencies and through private charities. If you contact a Veterans Organization (like the VFW, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, etc.), they would probably be able to put you in contact with people in your community who could help you get back on your feet. I hope this helped and you’re able to find the services you need.

  2. michael lemos

    i was there once but was a alcohlic i didnt stay again i need help i dont know what do i am homeless dont have a job

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