VBA Claim Delays Harm Our Veterans Nationwide

A brand new analysis by investigative reporter Aaron Glantz at the Bay Citizen reveals how the Veterans Benefits Administration’s (VBA) delay crisis hurts nearly one million Veterans nationwide. Our Bergmann & Moore blog keeps you current on the latest facts, news, and key developments in the continuing inability of VBA to process Veterans’ claims in a timely manner.

For months, claim delays at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Oakland Regional Office (RO) continue as the hot topic of many news reports, Congressional hearings and a Congressional town hall meeting.

Veterans living in major metropolitan areas bear the brunt of VBA’s inexcusably long delays.  For example, at the Los Angeles RO, VBA takes one year decide a Veteran’s disability claim.  In Lincoln, Nebraska, VBA answers Veterans within four months.

VBA’s unacceptable delays force Veterans to wait for disability compensation and VA medical care.  Once VA grants service-connection for a medical condition, the Veteran receives free medical care for his or her service-connected condition. Veterans whose disability is rated at 50 percent or higher receive all medical care free at VA facilities.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki vowed in 2010 to break the back of the backlog.  Unfortunately, over the last two years, claim delays continue worsening, not only in California and Texas, but all across the United States.

Bergmann & Moore hopes continuing press coverage and Congressional interest in the situation prompts real improvements to VA’s stagnant claims process.  Bergmann & Moore staff are available to journalists interested in more insight on VBA’s poor performance.

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  1. My case was in Remand @ the VARO Los Angeles for 12 years , it is still under appeal , as I have never been granted the right to have a personal hearing to Properly present my case…The VA should offer jobs to Veterans who need them , to help in the claims processing , so that cases are fairly processed in a timely manner…!!!

  2. We can all Help each other so that our children and Families can live the life we all deserve after serving our country, Life is Precious & Short…Now is The Time…!

  3. Stepeze

    Finally someone prints the Truth, the red tape and delays are a part of the Vet population suicide rate, cause of homelessness and many personal/family problems/difficulties. The You Prove Your Claim Game, is intentional to me bcuz if you don’t word it or respond according to their standards you are DENIED after years of DELAY! The back to the drawing more with the Apeal process that takes up to 3 times or more in a delay you experienced the 1st time. Stop the Madness, contact your Senator don’t sit and wait in pain any longer. Peace

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