VA’s Claim Error and Delay Crisis: Los Angeles Hits 60%

Mistakes and Delays Vary Widely Across VA

Today’s blog continues our review of the devastatingly high claim decision error rate and unconscionable delays our Veterans and their families face when seeking disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Los Angeles errors and delays. According to VA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), VA’s staggering and unacceptable claim error rate in Los Angeles reached 60 percent last month.  In addition to frequent mistakes, long delays also plague Los Angeles.  VA’s June 4, 2012, Monday Morning Workload Report (MMWR) reported 81 percent of disability claims languish in Los Angeles for longer than 125 days.  For Los Angeles, VA staff may have performed more accurately and quickly if they simply flipped a coin.

Oakland errors and delays.  VA’s Oakland office sits in the same camp of poorly performing facilities in California.  Oakland’s error rate is 39 percent, according to VA’s OIG report released on May 10, 2012.  Excruciatingly long delays are the norm in Oakland, with 84 percent of Veterans waiting more than 125 days for an answer from VA, according to VA’s MMWR.

TBI Mistakes.  For both Los Angeles and Oakland, the two offices did not properly process 57 percent of Veterans’ Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) clams.  Accurately deciding TBI claims is a priority of Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-CA), who successfully sponsored legislation expanding TBI benefits two years ago.  The Oakland VA Regional Office processes disability claims for his Northern California district.  Rep. McNerney remains a tough advocate for Veterans, urging VA leaders to reduce long waiting times and frequent errors.

Kudos to VA staff in Des Moines, Iowa, with the lowest error rate of 11 percent of claims audited by VA’s OIG.  In Lincoln, Nebraska, only 17 percent of veterans wait longer than 125 days for a VA claim decision, the best in the nation. VA staff processed more than one million claims last year.  VA’s error rate target is a very low 2 percent, with zero pending claims inventory, by 2015.

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  1. Thomas R Foster

    I am a Vietnam war vet. I filed an appeal 15 months ago . I have heard nothing from Oakland. Vietnam vets know they are just waiting for us to die,problem solved.

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