VA Simplifies G.I. Bill

VA Simplifies G.I. Bill

When was the G.I. bill established?

The G.I. Bill was created in 1944 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to aid WWII Veterans. After the war, Veterans and all who helped supply the war would be unemployed. So Roosevelt established the G.I. Bill to provide funds for higher education, housing, and unemployment insurance.

By 1956 the G.I. Bill had expired and had helped 14.5 billion Veterans with education and housing.

The Bill was expended several times, including the post-9/11 G.I. Bill in 2008 and then the forever G.I. Bill.

How do the updates affect G.I. bill recipients?

With the recent update to the G.I. Bill, recipients can now receive an immediate education decision. Before this update, recipients had to wait up to a month to receive a decision.

Now that the process is digital, recipients can receive a decision in minutes.

Understanding the process

Are you eligible for the G.I. Bill?


Have you been meaning to file your claim but do not know where to start? Find out more. 

Did you submit a claim, and are you waiting to hear back? Check the status of your claim.

Are you worried about your living situation while you wait for your claim to be processed? This page may help.

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