VA PTSD Regulation Amendment

The recent amendment to VA’s regulation governing entitlement to service connection for PTSD eases the veteran’s burden to establish that an in-service stressor occurred, but only based on a certification by a psychiatrist or psychologist either employed by VA or examining veterans under a contract with VA.  Through an amendment introduced by Congressman Steven LaTourette, the House Appropriations Committee has approved legislation that would permit such certifications to also be made by mental health providers at an academic medical facility, such as a university hospital.  The full House will likely vote on the legislation soon, which, if approved, would then be sent to the Senate for its consideration.  Click here http://www.news-herald.com/articles/2010/07/23/news/doc4c49ddc3a23e7253893956.txt and here http://latourette.house.gov/NewsRoom.aspx?FormMode=Detail&ID=174 for more information.

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