VA Provides More Data on Claim Crisis


Average Days to Complete Claim Hits 325 Days.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) took another welcome step forward toward transparency by releasing more information about the performance of disability claim processing offices operated by the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA).

On VBA’s “Monday Morning Workload Report” (MMWR), each week VBA listed the number of pending claims at VBA Regional Offices.  As of April 29, 2013, the count was 882,000.

Also starting Monday, VBA released more information, including two new categories: “Average Days to Complete,” that measures how long VA took to finish a rating decision on a disability claim, plus “Average Days Pending, that measures how long current claims have been waiting for a decision.

As of Monday, Average Days to Complete reached a staggering 325 days nationwide, possibly a new record.  In Los Angeles, California, the Average Time to Complete is 558 days, or more than 18 months, the worst in the nation.  VBA’s goal is 125 days, or four months.

The MMWR incorporates some of the information on VBA’s new ASPIRE website.

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  1. Angela Hamrick via Facebook

    545 Days of Hell to include: falling off table during first of 4 exams (not reported), having my personal bag with records, wallet, & personal effects taken from me against will by C&P nurse practitioner (she perused inside and I had to literally fight her to get it back,) being spun around in wheelchair to punish me for having a vertigo episode (“Well, then … does THIS bother you?”), followed all the way to my vehicle in parking lot after my exam by same NP while intimidating and harassing me the entire way (told her to stop, she refused,) requested help for over a year to Section Chief, patient advocate, law enforcement = nothing. Theft by unlawful taking, false imprisonment, intimidation and harassment: all criminal violations. ~ And they wonder WHY I’m going back to school to get a degree in law. ~

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