VA Hopes to Improve Access with Mobile Vet Centers

The Department of Veterans Affairs increased its fleet of Mobile Vet Centers to ensure Veterans have access to its services.: Photo by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

In an effort to improve Veterans’ access to its services, the Department of Veterans Affairs added 20 new Mobile Vet Centers to its fleet.

The vehicles, which were deployed Wednesday, are dispatched to underserved communities, many of which are in rural areas, in order to ensure that Veterans have the opportunity to receive counseling, to be screened for medical conditions or to receive advice and information on the VA claims process.

Mobile Vet Centers allow VA to bring the many services our Vet Centers offer Veterans to all communities, wherever they are needed,” Robert Petzel, under secretary for health, said in a statement. “VA is committed to expanding access to VA health care and benefits for Veterans and their families, and these 20 new vehicles demonstrate that continued commitment.”

These new vehicles will join the 50 Mobile Vet Centers already in use and bring VA services to communities throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

In 2011, the VA came under intense scrutiny by lawmakers when it was revealed that Veterans seeking mental health care often face long waits. Studies have also revealed that, for Veterans living in rural areas, lack of access to VA services presents a roadblock to getting the care they need.

Hopefully, these additional Mobile Vet Centers will encourage and make it easier for Veterans to receive the benefits they earned when they served this country.

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