VA Form 21-526

Under pressure to simplify their 23-page-long benefits claims form, VA’s Office of Management and Budget has recently approved a new 10-page form. The goal is to lessen the procedural steps that Veterans must undertake when making application for disability benefits.

Congressman John Hall (D-Dover Plains), chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Disability Assistance, championed the legislation and is pleased that Veterans will finally face fewer obstacles when applying for disability benefits.

“We are talking about trying to get help for our veterans more quickly because we have homeless veterans, because we have veterans who face bankruptcy or some of them dealing with suicidal thoughts and so on,” he said. “One of the reasons that happens is because of the strain on the individual veteran and their family.”

Hall claims that the new 10-page form will drastically cut down on the time between filing for disability benefits and receiving them.

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