VA Extends Deadline for Veterans Suffering from Gulf War Illness

Veterans of the wars in Iraq now have until 2016 to qualify for disability benefits due to Gulf War Illness.

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced the new deadline Thursday. Under the previous regulation, Veterans of the Iraq wars would only be eligible for benefits due to the illness if their symptoms manifested by Dec. 31, 2011.

“Not all the wounds of war are fully understood,” VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said in a statement. “When there is uncertainty about the connection between a medical problem and military service, Veterans are entitled to the benefit of the doubt.”

Many Veterans of the Gulf War suffer from the so-called Gulf War Illness. The cause of the condition is currently unexplained, and the symptoms can range from fatigue and joint pain to digestion problems and respiratory disorders.

Theories blame the condition on exposure to pesticides, chemical weapons or depleted uranium. Some suspect the pyridostigmine bromide pills taken as an antidote to nerve gas may have caused the health problems.

Veterans of the recently-ended Iraq War may have also been exposed to toxic chemicals due to open-air burn pits. They might also have been exposed to depleted uranium.

Despite budget cuts, Congress has approved $10 million to study the cause of Gulf War Illness.

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  1. Reverend Ira L Lewis

    It is no such thing as extending deadlines to illnesses and injuries that Veterans were subject to during their time of service. That is a myth from the renegade VA in the attempt to inject that psyco babble junk; as CBS 60 Minutes documentary revealed about how the VA, a Government agency OF The People, think that it is ABOVE LAW in their care and compensation of service-connected Disabled Veterans. But, 2012 will bring A Change, because sovereign citizens (Veterans) of this Sovereign United States of America, will by Law get what is guaranteed them in The Law of The Constitution, given from The Spirit of The Declaration of Independence. That is why there is a OCCUPY AMERICA MOVEMENT going on. The People of This Government OF The People, BY The People, FOR The People, shall not perish from The Earth. It is going to be a reigning in of corrupt Courts (Judges and Attorneys/even The Supreme Court Justices), Politicians, Special Interest Entities and their Lobbyist that laundering The People’s TaxDollars/Revenues through their K Streets (Nationwide) coffers. There is a New Day, coming… Reverend Ira L Lewis Austin, TX trirason@gmail.com. Thank You.

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