VA claims backlog improves, but still sits far above pre-pandemic levels

VA has mentioned that the backlog of disability and pension claims will get better. The term backlog is defined as “the number of disability and pension claims that have been waiting for decisions”. These decisions by VA are taking longer to process due to the pandemic and recovering from the pandemic.

Though VA claims the backlog numbers will continue to decrease.  ” The backlogged pending over four months was at 264,000 in October of 2021 and is down 8% at 244,000.”

Veterans that have filed are waiting to receive their decisions are granted their retroactive pay once awarded with their benefits. Upon the date that they file their claim is when the retroactive date is started. Veterans are left in a “financial disarray for months longer than they anticipated.” VA officials have said, “it could take until 2024 before the backlog falls below 100,00 cases again.”

While VA claims backlog improves, Veterans are left on their own to make ends meet until they are granted their decision.

VA Secretary, Denis McDonough agreed to hire more employees to process the backlog of claims. This statement proved true, “on Tuesday, he said three-quarters” of the new employees have been hired. A new worry is that VA will be flooded with new claims since there is, “pending legislation to increase benefits for victims of military toxic exposure incidents.”

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