Unclaimed Insurance Money Collects Dust

The money typically comes from life insurance policy payouts, premium refunds, and/or checks for dividends that were mailed out to policyholders. If payments can’t be delivered, VA will hold the money indefinitely.

To see if you or a family member has a claim on any unpaid money, check VA’s website (https://insurance.va.gov/liability/ufsearch.htm). You’ll need to enter in the Veteran’s full name, date of birth and date of death (if deceased). Be mindful that when you are searching for common names you may also need the Veteran’s VA insurance file number or service number, which can be found on his or her enlistment and/or discharge documents. It is usually the case that the Veteran’s surviving spouse has access first, followed by other close family members such as children and parents.

You also can claim money by calling toll free at (800) 669-8477 or writing to VA’s Regional Office and Insurance Center.

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