Tango Alpha Lima Pt 2

The Tango Alpha Lima aired their second interview in their four-part series on Veterans transitioning out of service on June 21st, 2022. This episode focused on changing the perspective of coming out of the service. Veterans are not transitioning; they are transforming back into a civilian. For some, the armed forces provide structure, and their day-to-day out-of-service can be challenging without this structure.

Transitioning Out of the Military

Jeff Powell was the guest on the second episode, and he made it his mission to help service members transition out of the military with the right resources. Jeff spoke about his exit from the military after decades of being enlisted. He mentioned that he did not plan well in regards to his exit from the military. There are many resources for new Veterans, but it can be challenging to find help. Jeff found himself in a situation with no job and no place for him to even volunteer.

Use the Free Resources

Jeff wanted to make a difference, so he started Coeus Umbrella, a company that helps small businesses get started. This business also offers free military transition counseling for active duty and Veterans.

DOD SkillBridge

During this episode, the group talked about another resource that could help. DOD Skillbridge offers training to service members that are planning their exit. This training can be industry-specific, with apprenticeships and internships during the last 180 days of service.

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