Tango Alpha Lima Pt. 1

The American Legion has a podcast called

Tango Alpha Lima. Their most recent series is about helping Veteran’s become a civilian again. The podcast is a four-part series that airs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week at 9 am Eastern.

The First Podcast

The first podcast aired on Monday, June 20th. Two Disney executives joined the podcast and spoke about how the founders of Disney were involved in WWI. Disney also helped in WWII by supplying facilities for service members.

How is Disney involved in helping Veteran’s?

The Student Veterans of America (SVA) is one of the leading organizations helping veterans further their education after becoming a civilian again. SVA has partnered with The Walt Disney Company for many years now to join together to help Veterans transition back into the workforce. Disney’s Heroes Work Here initiative has hired over 11,000 Veterans. But they did not stop there; Disney’s Veterans Institute has helped hundreds of companies in America build programs to hire Veterans into their workforces.

Watch the entire video/ podcast.

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