Subway Seeking Veteran Franchise Owners

In an effort to alleviate the costs associated with owning a new franchise, Subway is waiving the $15,000 franchise fee for any Veteran who was honorably discharged from the United States Military. 

If a Veteran opens a new Subway restaurant on government or military property, the fee will be waived entirely.  If the Subway is instead opened on non-military or non-government property, the franchise fee will be reduced by fifty percent. 

Subway hopes this program will help ease the process for Veterans trying to explore their entrepreneurial sides, as well as their creative Sandwich Artist skills, in their post-military careers. 

Already, over 250 military locations worldwide are home to a Subway franchise.   

Source: http://www.qsrweb.com/article/178489/Subway-salutes-veterans-with-new-franchise-program

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