Smiling on America’s Veterans

New York state and county politicians gathered in White Plains, NY Monday to raise awareness of a program called Smiling on America’s Heroes, which provides discounted dental and eye care for retired military Veterans.

The program was founded with Careington International, a dental insurance company from Texas, and offers retired Veterans, regardless of when they served, discounted coverage that provides benefits VA does not. The plans also cover their entire immediate family.

The combined vision and dental plans, which cost from $8.95 a month to $85.99 a year, cover 70 percent of dental work and can save up to 40 percent on routine procedures and unlimited cleanings. The corresponding eye-care procedures are discounted between 15 and 35 percent.

Currently, Smiling on America’s Heroes is only available for Veterans living in Westchester and Orange counties in New York, however there are plans to expand the program nationwide.

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