Show Your Patriotism this July 4th – Volunteer for Our Veterans!

It’s easy to make a real difference.  

Happy 4th of July! During our Independence Day holiday what better way is there to show your patriotism than to support our Veterans? Many people aren’t aware that you can volunteer at any VA Medical Center nationwide – hundreds of people do it every day!

Award-winning actor Gary Sinise knows all about VA’s volunteer programs. Sinise, best known for his roles as Lt. Dan from the movie “Forrest Gump” and Detective Mac Taylor on CBS-Tv’s CSI: New York,” is also a tireless advocate for our Veterans.

In addition to touring with the United Service Organizations (USO) and entertaining troops with his Lt. Dan Band (Sinise plays a mean bass), Sinise volunteers his time to help the VA communicate with Veterans and the public. In this short but moving video, Sinise urges Americans to get involved. Imagine what could happen if more college students knew about the dedication of our Veterans.

“Our Veterans put everything on the line to protect our freedom”, says Sinise in the video. “We may never be able to repay them for their service but we can show them just how much we appreciate all that they’ve done. Everyone can do something to help Veterans know how much we appreciate their service. Visit www.volunteer.va.gov. What will you do?”

In this equally poignant video Sinise salutes the doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals working for our Veterans at VA.

“At the end of your work day,” Sinise says, “do you know you’ve made a difference?” The medical professionals that work for the VA know they do. Visit www.vacareers.va.gov to find out how you can make a difference too.

If you want to volunteer to help Veterans at VA facility near you click on ‘Volunteer or Donate.’ This will take you to a web form page. Complete each field and then click the ‘Submit’ button. An email will then be generated to the VA Voluntary Service Program Manager in your area.

Once the email is received someone from the local VA will contact you, by your choice of phone or email, to provide you with further information and to possibly set up an appointment for an interview.

You can also contact your local VA Medical Center’s Voluntary Service Office (click here for VA directory) and tell them of your interest in volunteering. An appointment will be scheduled for you to come in and to tour the facility and learn more about the many ways we can serve America’s heroes.

You may also have an opportunity to volunteer at one of VA’s Regional Offices where veterans benefit claims are processed, or there may be a national cemetery near you that needs assistance. There are also opportunities for administrative assistance in offices throughout the VA system.

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