Shocking Abuse and Preventable Deaths at VA Hospitals

CNBC Investigators Target Poor Treatment of Our Veterans.

The CNBC cable television network recently released a compelling and shocking investigative report about the egregious treatment our Veterans have suffered at the hands of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers.

The special report from CNBC Investigations, Inc., titled Death and Dishonor: Crisis at the VA, exposes shocking conditions at VA hospitals and clinics in several locations:

* Atlanta, Georgia
* Augusta, Georgia
* Buffalo, New York
* Jackson, Mississippi
* Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The CNBC report by journalist Dina Gusovsky follows several Congressional oversight hearings on serious problems at VA hospitals in Jackson, Mississippi and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Using graphic undercover footage of VA employees, candid interviews with Veteran patients, and more, CNBC shows how the poor treatment and conditions at these and other VA facilities caused massive harm to Veterans and even preventable deaths.

CNBC explains that with an annual budget of more than $150 billion, VA now has 154 hospitals, 800 clinics, and 125 nursing homes responsible for the care of eight million of America’s Veterans.  One troubling account chronicled the story of a veteran who was given 20 different drugs each day by VA.

Congress Takes Action

Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL), who leads the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC), tells CNBC that his committee is finding problems at VA facilities all across the country.  “We’re very good at increasing their budget,” said Miller, “but this makes them less careful with the dollars we allocate to them.”

According to Miller, VA hospitals have far too much autonomy.  “VA thinks that because they take care of veterans that we aren’t going to reign them in,” he told CNBC. “I am losing faith in the leadership of the central office of the VA.”

Kudos for CNBC and HVAC for taking on this crisis with uncompromising honesty. It is a powerful piece of journalism that we hope all Veterans, and indeed all Americans, take the time to watch.

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