Services in North Carolina for Veterans

Attention all North Carolina Veterans:

You may find the following information useful as you work towards receiving benefits from VA:

North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs


TDD:  1-800-829-4833

Regional Office:

Winston-Salem Regional Office

Federal Building

251 N. Main Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27155

North Carolina has a number of services available to veterans, including:

         Veterans Nursing Homes

         Homeless Assistance

         Financial Assistance

Contact the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs at 919-733-3851 or by e-mail at ncdva.aso@ncmail.net to find out what they can do for you!

The North Carolina Division of Social Services may also be able to help you as you go through your claims process.  Find important services such as emergency assistance, crisis intervention, and food assistance here.

If you are in need of medical treatment, please don’t wait.  Although an average VA claim may take up to one year to be decided, your health comes first.  In fact, receiving regular treatment for your service-connected disability may actually help you to win your claim!

Find a VA Medical Center or clinic near you here for any chronic or emergency medical attention you may need.

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