San Antonio Housing Authority Receives Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program Grant

The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) was recently awarded nearly one million dollars from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Services to help combat inner-city homelessness.

SAHA was the recipient of a HUD grant amounting to $580,500 to support their Shelter Plus Care Program, a program that provides rental assistance to homeless and severely at-risk families. The Shelter Plus Care program also provides helpful services for disabled homeless people, such as those suffering from mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and substance abuse problems.

SAHA also received a grant amounting to $385,872 to help them support their Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program. The money will be used to finance an additional 100 vouchers for homeless veterans. Those who participate in this program will also receive rental assistance along in addition to case management services. SAHA works closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that veterans are being provided with high-quality clinical services.

According to SAHA President and CEO Lourdes Castro Ramirez, “We are committed to reducing homelessness in San Antonio. These grants allow us to provide affordable, quality housing for families while working with them on issues that affect their quality of life.”

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