Radiation Exposure Compensation to Veterans & Family

Alabama’s Attorney General recently informed Veterans and family members about benefits available under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program (RECA)—but the May 26 article serves as a timely reminder for Veterans everywhere.


RECA, administered through the Department of Justice, serves individuals who contracted certain cancers and other illnesses following exposure to radiation released during the above-ground atmospheric nuclear weapons tests that led to the end of WWII and the building of a nuclear arsenal during the Cold War.


Veterans don’t need to prove the cancer was caused by radiation exposure, only that he or she was diagnosed with one of the listed diseases after working or living in one of the designated locations for a specified period of time.


Once the diagnosis and residence is proven, RECA uses a lump-sum compensation scheme:

1)      $75,000 if present at the above-ground atmospheric nuclear weapons tests

2)      $100,000 to uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters

3)      $50,000 to those who lived downwind of the Nevada test site


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