Racked by PTSD, a Veteran Finds Calm in a Pound Pup Named Cheyenne

Continuing his own recovery from acute depression and PTSD, David Sharpe, an Air Force Veteran, has launched P2V.org (Pets to Vets), a nonprofit group that seeks to link service members and first responders with shelter animals and to help them with related expenses and training.

“I couldn’t talk to anybody, not my father, not the counselors, but I could talk to that dog and she never judged me,” Sharpe says. “Eighteen vets commit suicide every day in this country and one animal is put to sleep every eight seconds. They can help save each other.”

For more information, please see: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/racked-by-ptsd-a-veteran-finds-calm-in-a-pound-pup-named-cheyenne/2011/06/16/AGLiYIeH_story.html.

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