Proposed Changes to PTSD Claims

A Military Times article provided a good synopsis of a change proposed in the Aug 24, 2009, Federal Register which would relax current requirements placed on PTSD claimants. The new change would eliminate the requirement currently placed on some veterans that they must provide evidence that they witnessed or experienced a traumatic event linked to their military service, to include eyewitness corroboration or other documentation. (Veterans who engaged in combat, prisoners of war and those diagnosed with PTSD while still on active duty are currently already exempt from this requirement).  Under the new policy the VA would accept the veteran’s own testimony.  A psychiatrist or psychologist must still confirm that the traumatic event is adequate enough to support a diagnosis of PTSD and that the veteran’s symptoms are related to the traumatic event.  To read the full article, please see: www.militarytimes.com/news/2009/09/marine_PTSD_090609w/. 

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