Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

On December 7, 1941, at 7:55 am, Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. A total of 360 Japanese warplanes traveled 3,500 miles to a staging area 230 miles off the coast of Hawaii.

How did the United States not know about the incoming attack?

At 7:02 am, the United States received word that there were large groups of planes spotted on radar. Unfortunately, this alter was ignored because it was believed that these planes were the B-17 US planes they had been expecting. If this warning was not ignored, history would not be the same. Japan planned to attack the United States in hopes of keeping us from interfering with their plans of attack on their enemies.

What was the outcome of the attack?

After the attack, a total of 2,403 Americans were killed, and 1,178 were wounded. Japan managed to render much of the Pacific fleet useless. The USS Arizona and Oklahoma were sunk, and four other ships were damaged during the attack. Japan also managed to destroy 169 US Navy and Army Air Corps planes. After the attack, Japan lost fewer than 100 men, 30 airplanes, and five midget submarines.

Japan focused its attack on destroying as many ships as possible, but it failed to attack nearby repair stations and dry docks. Because of this, the United States was able to repair all vessels except the USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma within six months. These restored ships went on to aid in the destruction of the Japanese Navy six months later.

The Pearl Harbor Memorial

The Pearl Harbor memorial was built in 1960 with funding from donations and with the help of an Elvis Presley benefit concert. The memorial was built over the location where the USS Arizona sunk. Austrain-born architect Alfred Preis was awarded the honor of designing the memorial. He created the memorial to be the span of the USS Arizona wreckage to cover the 184 ft. that the ship occupied. The memorial was officially dedicated on May 30, 1962, to honor all who were lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor.


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