PACT Act Blocked

Trash on Fire, Burn Pit

July 27th, the PACT Act was blocked by the Senate Republicans

The passage of this Act has been in the works for many years and was on route to pass by the end of this week. However, with this surprising turn of events, Veterans looking forward to this Act are stuck wondering what went wrong.

The Votes

The Act was passed in the Senate 84-14 votes in June and was passed in the House of Representatives 342-88 votes. However, the House of Representatives made amendments, so the Act had to go back to the Senate for review. The most recent vote of Republican Senate members blocked the Act with 41 votes.

The PACT Act is ready and waiting to help Veterans affected by toxic exposure. Republican leaders have made no public comment. The Senate will go on a recess on August 5th for one month. Advocates of the Act were in high hopes that the Act would pass before then.

What’s next?

A rally for the PACT Act is scheduled for today in the hopes for comment from Republican Senate members for blocking the Act. However, members of the chamber have not lost hope and will continue to push forward for the legislation to pass before August 5th.

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