Organizations Join Forces to Provide Home Repairs for Veterans

Today a joint initiative between the The Home Depot Foundation and Habitat for Humanity was announced to provide funding to remodel and renovate homes owned by Veterans.  The program is called Repair Corps and is expected to provide volunteer assistance from both organizations, as well as $1.5 million in funding for the project.

The two organizations hope to assist nearly 100 Veterans and their families through the program.

“We are committed to ensuring that every Veteran has a safe place to call home,” Home Depot Foundation President Kelly Caffarelli said in a statement. “Habitat for Humanity has its finger on the pulse of the needs of homeowners in communities nationwide, and we know that through our joint Repair Corps program, we’ll be able to identify and help Veterans whose homes are in critical need of repair.”

The program will be similar to the system Habitat for Humanity uses for the new homes it builds – the participating Veteran will repay a zero-interest home loan. That money will then go into a fund that will be used to assist other families.

Some of the programs that will be receiving assistance from the joint venture include Habitat for Humanity Los Angeles’ “Homes for Heroes” program and Habitat for Humanity Houston’s “Home Assistance Program for Veterans.”

Repair Corps is part of The Home Depot Foundation’s “Celebration of Service,” which seeks to honor the service of the nation’s Veterans.

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  1. james calhoun

    hi i am a retired army vetran i am in need of home repairs can anyone help my family i am also a veitnam vet 67 68 please try and help. thank you

  2. Kenneth Reed Sr.

    We have an addition on our home. The siding is rotted, the windows are also rotted, ( one actually fell out ).. I need to get this repaired before winter. I do not have the funds. Where do I go for help ? My wife and I have lived in this home for about 35 years. We raised two children here, we don’t want to leave.
    I am a Veteran, having served in Vietnam 1969-1970.

  3. Mr. Reed,
    You might want to look into contacting your local Veterans services office or a Veterans Service Organization (like Vietnam Veterans of America or the American Legion) for organizations or programs that help homeowners with the cost of home repair. I don’t know if you would qualify for funds from the Department of Veterans Affairs, but they do have programs to help service-connected disabled Veterans pay to make their homes accessible. If you are part of a church community, you might also want to contact them or see if there are any community organizations in your area that help with home repairs. I hope this helps.

  4. Hello,
    my name is Jessie…I am enlisted active duty military member stationed in Los Angeles Ca.. I have been on active duty for 19 years and have a spouse who has always been a full time homemaker and now a full time college student. I love military housing but realize that it is time to admit that I cannot stay in the Air Force for ever. I am in the process of using my VA loan to purchase my first home in the LA area. I wish I was in the south where money goes along way unfortunately VA loans do not give military members enough to purchase newer or turn key type homes in the LA area. (due to the cost of living) The home I am going to be moving into was built in 1928 and will need a bit of updating. I have been very fortunate that I was in a career field that did alot of building/ground maintenance which taught me how things worked. While stationed at Edwards Air Force Base the Munitions Flight that I worked in had a honey do program for lower/fixed income senior citizens who needed minor to major work in their homes. In some cases these seniors only wanted a friend to talk to. While stationed at Edwards AFB I volunteered/organized over 1500 hours of community to these senior citizens living in a 60 mile radius. I was fortunate enough to receive a Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for the efforts of my wife, kids and fellow AMMO troops. Living in the LA area allows me to purchase D.I.Y. supplies at wholesale prices and most of the work will be done by me and my daughter who loves using her hands and getting dirty. At this time im my career I am not able to get another job or volunteer as much as I used to. My duty hours fluctuate as often as hour to hour. However, when I finally decide to retire I would love to assist with Habitat for Humanities mission to not only fix someones home but to see these people forget about there personal issues for a few hours.

    Jessie Gregorio

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