One Third of Women Veterans Dissatisfied with VA Healthcare

A new survey reveals that one in three female Veterans are dissastisfied with the VA healthcare system.  The American legion conducted the online survey of about 3,000 women Veterans in January.

The survey polled the women’s opinions on particular aspects of VA healthCare, including their satisfaction with the VA’s Women Veterans Program Manager, their confidence in their doctor’s opinions, and whether they felt they had ample time with their provider, among other topics.  Across the board, the results were negative. 

The survey helps explain why only 25 percent of the nearly 1.8 million women Veterans currently seek health care from the VA.  The American Legion hopes to use information gathered by this survey to support its lobbying efforts in front of Congress.

More information about  the survey can be found here: http://www.healthleadersmedia.com/content/QUA-264092/1-in-3-Female-Vets-Dissatisfied-with-VA-Healthcare

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