New Gear to Fit Female U.S. Soldiers Being Tested

The Army is well under way in developing a woman’s combat uniform that would replace the “unisex” one designed primarily for a man’s body. Seven hundred female Army troops are testing a new woman’s combat uniform, based on the female body dimensions.

With woman taking on new roles, the issue is getting fresh attention from the military. About 14% of all service members are women, and about 220,000 women have gone to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although some military woman are reluctant to embrace changes that would set them apart from their male colleagues, several said in interviews that “the changes beat the consequences of the current one-piece flight suits or being unable to engage in battle or defend themselves because of uncooperative gear.”

To learn more, please see: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/04/22/spotlight-better-uniforms-female-gis/.

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