Nearly $42 Million in Grants to Help Homeless Veterans

Secretary Shinseki recently announced that 40 states will share $41.9 million in grant money to provide more than 2,500 beds for homeless veterans this year.  The grants are part of VA’s goal of eliminating homelessness among veterans in 5 years.  Almost two thirds of the money will go to help fix or acquire space for over 1300 new beds.  The rest of the awards will immediately fund approximately 1200 existing beds in transitional housing programs.  In addition to grants like these, VA is attacking the homelessness problem on many fronts, providing education, jobs, health care, and counseling.  Also, VA is looking to expand the types of housing options available and to do more to prevent homelessness by targeting at-risk veteran populations.  For more information, see www.va.gov/homeless.

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