Marine Corps Birthday

November 10th is the marine corps birthday

November 10, 2022, marks 247 years that the Marine Corps has been serving the United States. On November 10, 1775, during the American Revolution, the Continental Congress stated that two Battalions of Marines be raised. These Marines were to be used as landing forces branched from the Continental Navy. 

When did the Marine Corps become established?

The Marines stood out from other forces because they operated on land and sea. One of the first operations that distinguished the Marines was the Revolutionary War. After the war, the Continental Marines disbanded due to the overall neglect of the Naval Services. The Naval and Marine departments ceased to exist until 1794 when Congress decided that both Naval and Marine forces were needed permanently.

Does the Marine Corps have two Birthdays? 

On July 11, 1798, the Marines officially became their own division, separate from the Navy. John Adams signed the bill establishing the US Marine Corps as a permanent military force. Throughout the 19th century, July 11th was celebrated as the Marine Corps Birthday. In 1921, a proposal was submitted to have the anniversary celebrated on November 10th. 

Marines in battle

  • The Marine Corps is known for contributing to the War of 1812; they defended Maryland, Bladensburg, and aided Andrew Jackson in the overtaking of the British in New Orleans. 
  • Marines took enemy seaports on the Gulf and Pacific coasts during the Mexican War in 1846.
  • They fought at Bull Run during the Civil War in 1861.
  • During the Spanish-American War in 1898 the Marines aided in battle in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Phillippines. 
  • In World War I, the Marines climbed a mountain on the battlefields of France, where they faced mustard gas and unknown attacks. The Germans saw the Marines climbing up the mountain at them as they foamed at the mouth with bloodshot eyes from the gas. This is when the Marines earned the nickname “Devil Dogs”
  • During World War II, the Marines fought hard to protect our country. Once the war ended, 82 Marines earned the Medal of Honor. 
  • The Marine Corps was heavily involved in the Vietnam War. They helped with civilian evacuations and played a large role in the rescue mission of the crew of the SS Mayaguez that was captured near the coast of Cambodia. 

How many individuals choose to be a Marine?

In 2022 there are 180,958 active duty Marines and 98,952 in the Marine reserves. Individuals join the Marines because they are trained to improvise, adapt, and overcome all obstacles in all situations. 

The Marine Corps Motto is Semper Fidelis, which means “Always Faithful.” To each other, to our country, and to the battles ahead. 


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