Live Chat Function Helps Veterans Apply for Health Benefits

VA is improving its technology to make it easier for Veterans to apply for health benefits.  Veterans now can use a streamlined version of the online Form 10-10EZ Application for Health Benefits. 

 One major improvement in the new online form is a live chat function.  Now, if Veterans have questions while completing their Application for Health Benefits, they can receive real-time assistance.  The form also includes improvements to some of the questions in the application.  For example, VA has simplified questions related to military service during the Vietnam and Gulf wars.  Hopefully, these improvements will reduce mistakes and the time it takes to complete and receive health benefits. 

 The ever-improving online form has been available for use by Veterans since 2000, and VA is planning even more improvements in the future.  Such improvements include easing the process for updating personal information and creating a 10-10EZ form uniquely for demobilizing military service members.

 The new form can be found on the VA website, at www.1010ez.med.va.gov/sec/vha/1010ez



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