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Service Connection – VA

It is important for Veterans to know that there is no time limit for filing a claim for service connection. 

Many Veterans don’t begin suffering medical symptoms until several years after service. In this case, a Veteran can still file a VA claim several years later.

However, VA will often make it difficult for a Veteran to obtain service connection, even after providing evidence in their initial claim. 

If you were denied service connection from VA, Bergmann & Moore could help. 

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    Types of Service Connection

    VA’s rules for winning service connection are complicated because there are five different ways a Veteran may obtain service connection:

    1. Direct Service Connection 
    2. Secondary Service Connection
    3. Presumptive Service Connection
    4. Service Connection for an Aggravated, Pre-Existing Condition
    5. Service Connection Caused by VA Treatment or Vocational Rehabilitation

    Because there are five ways for a Veteran to be granted service connection, and because each has a distinct set of lengthy rules, finding an advocate in order to navigate VA’s claims process is vital.

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