Institute of Medicine Asks VA to Consider Long-term Care for OEF/OIF Veterans

The LA times reports this morning that the Institute of Medicine, an independent, non-profit organization, has issued a report calling on VA to prepare for the future long-term needs of returning Veterans from now.  Given the unprecedented demographics of the all-volunteer force that deploys today, the Institute urges VA to begin by conducting an assessment of their future needs for mental health providers, research into long-term care for polytrauma and traumatic brain injury, evaluating current readjustment programs, and perhaps most importantly, providing long-term forecasts so that resources will exist when they are necessary rather than in reaction a crisis.  Though VA has not yet commented on the report, it is hoped that this generation of war Veterans will be better served than those of prior wars.

For the LA Times article, click here.

For more information from the Institute of Medicine, click here.

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