Incarcerated Veterans Transition Program

There’s a great movement within the justice system to pay special attention to the needs and circumstances of American Veterans. A handful of new courts are being created to help Veterans avoid imprisonment in the first place, and there’s now plenty of assistance being offered to help incarcerated Veterans transition back out into the workforce. Veterans compose a high percentage of the nation’s homeless to begin with, and the US Department of Labor (DOL) is attempting to help the 1,400 formerly imprisoned Veterans who are especially at risk for homelessness. The Incarcerated Veterans Transition Program (IVTP) dedicates $4 million in grants to organizations that design programs to provide referral and career counseling services, job training and placement assistance, job readiness and life skills services, housing, and health care.

To find more about IVTP, browse the materials at the DOL website. They include a guide, entitled “Planning for Your Release,” sponsored by the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. The guide is a fantastic resource for incarcerated Veterans and their families. It helps Veterans to identify their goals post-release and outlines the steps necessary to achieve them, complete with a checklist. For example, in order to rent a home or apartment a Veteran will need copies of several important documents—and the guide tells exactly how to go about getting them.

It also contains a handy contact list for any sort of help a Veteran might need—everything from housing to financial planning. It’s basically all the information specific to imprisoned Veterans, such as possible eligibility for federal benefits while incarcerated and states that have a DOL Prisoner Re-Entry Program, in one accessible place.

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