Hurry Up and Wait

Delay Pain Worsens for Veterans in Los Angeles 

This week the Los Angeles Regional Office, part of the overwhelmed Veterans Benefits Administration, officially became VBA’s most delinquent regional office.

California has two of the worst offices in VBA. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) August 13 Monday Morning Workload Report, 94 percent of the claims at Los Angeles Regional Office already languished more than four months.  VBA’s average time to complete a claim in LA is 331 days – about 11 months.  In Oakland, 93 percent of Veterans’ claims gather dust awaiting a decision by VBA for more than 125 days, and VBA’s completion time is 355 days – nearly one full year. VBA’s national goal is 0 percent of claims that are more than 125 days old by 2015.

Despite assurances by VBA’s Undersecretary for Benefits Allison Hickey, VBA’s claim delay and error rate crisis continues to grow.  Nationwide, 68 percent of claims now take longer than 125 days to complete, with an average completion time of 254 days, or more than eight months. VBA appears to be flying to wrong way, just like Douglas Corrigan in 1938.

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