Holiday Stress Management for Veterans

Holiday Stress Management for Veterans

The holiday time of year is happy for many, but there is a large part of society that struggles. These individuals include Veterans and their family members. Bergmann & Moore is here for to help you with managing stress during the holidays. Here are a few tips and resources to help you and your family during this time of year.

Manage stress and depression with the following tips

Express yourself

Veterans and family members of Veterans might feel like keeping their feelings suppressed, but talking through what is bothering them is important. Another option is writing down how you are feeling, which you could use when talking with a loved one or therapist. 

Enjoy Yourself

Make sure to do what makes you happy during this time of year. If being with family is too stressful or overwhelming, possibly reach out to a friend that you are more comfortable being around that causes less stress. Do a hobby that you enjoy that you might not have time to do during other parts of the year.

Physical activity

There are many options to get physical activity in today’s world. A simple version of exercise is taking a walk outside in nature with the sun out to get some vitamin D. If you are unable to get outside for a walk, there are options to warm up your body. An at-home workout could include just a chair. Here are some examples of chair yoga:

Veteran Affairs also has a program that you can join:

How to help a Veteran as a family member or friend

Inviting your Veteran to a gathering – if they decline, do not give them a hard time for not coming. They could have stress around crowds or social interactions.

Ask to talk – if your Veteran is isolated during this time and not going about their regular routine, offer a listening ear for them to vent about what they are feeling. Or offer one and one time rather than inviting them to a holiday party that could be overwhelming. 

Need Help with Managing stress right now?

Manage Stress with the Veteran Crisis line

The Veteran Crisis Line is the best resource for Veterans in crisis. You have the option of calling, texting or chatting online. This resource is completely free, and you do not have to be enrolled in VA healthcare or benefits. These trained professionals are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No need to worry about anything you discuss, the employees of the Veteran Crisis Line ensure your information is confidential. This amazing resource is available to Veterans, Service Members, National Guard, Reserve members, and those who support them.

Veteran Affairs Provides a Managing Stress Workbook that is free to download


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