Gold Star Mothers

It is not only our military men and women who make sacrifices for our country.  As every veteran knows, the families of our military members are also called upon to make great sacrifices.  In a Veteran’s Day ceremony this past November, Medal of Honor recipient Hershel Williams gave a talk in the DC area.  The focus of his presentation was not on the acts of valor at Iwo Jima which earned him the nation’s highest honor, nor was his focus on those with whom he served.  He talked about the people who have lost sons and daughters in our nation’s service, and discussed an organization called “Gold Star Mothers.”  This organization was founded in 1918 by Grace Darling Seibold, a mother who lost a son in World War I, and was granted a charter by Congress in 1984.  The charter includes goals of instilling patriotism and respect for country as well as assisting veterans and their family members.   The members of the organization give many hours of volunteer work and personal service in hospitals and in working with veterans and their families.  To learn more about this organization, see:  www.goldstarmoms.com/WhoWeAre/History/History.htm.


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