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Veterans Benefits Lawyers in Bethesda, MD

Bergmann & Moore, LLC are Veterans benefits lawyers in Bethesda, MD. Bergmann & Moore, LLC is managed by two experienced former Veterans Affairs attorneys. Our law firm fully understands Veterans law, putting us in the unique position to help Veterans and their families navigate the VA’s complicated claims process. We focus solely on Veterans disability claims.


Veterans Living in Bethesda, MD

In 2015, Bethesda, MD was listed as the second most desirable small town destination for Veterans to live. This is partly because many apartments in Bethesda offer discounts for Veterans. Bethesda also topped the charts for lowest unemployment rates and highest median incomes across the country.


Unfortunately, many of the Veterans living in Bethesda, MD are finding it extremely difficult to obtain their earned benefits that are supposed to be guaranteed by law. Like other similar bureaucracies, the Department of Veterans Affairs in unyielding on how it applies federal law governing a Veteran’s right to compensation. If a Veteran’s disability claims are not fully supported by the exact evidence required by VA, they will not be eligible to receive benefits. This is evident by the VA’s astounding 15-20% approval rate.

Veterans Lawyer in Bethesda, VA

We understand how frustrating it can be to fight for disability benefits. Bergmann & Moore can aggressively represent you and your family against the VA at no cost to Veterans. Our experienced attorneys review BVA decisions to find mistakes, positioning you to succeed in court. We can help you receive the most benefits available under the law including service connection, retroactive benefits and higher ratings.


Bergmann & Moore welcomes all types of Veterans cases. We specialize in difficult cases involving post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), military sexual trauma (MST) and individual unemployability (IU).


We are here to help

While some claims might take only a few months to complete, others can take years. Since we only focus on Veterans benefits, we are able to offer our clients a greater peace of mind knowing that we will stick with them throughout the entire process. We offer Veterans and their families free consultations on matters involving VA disability claims for compensation, pension, aid and attendance. While we don’t file initial claims for these benefits, we focus on VA claims in the appeals process at all levels of Veterans Affairs.


Bergmann & Moore, LLC is a national law firm representing Veterans and their families in compensation claims before and against the Department of Veteran Affairs. As former VA attorneys, we understand what it takes to get the compensation you deserve.


For more information about our Veterans benefits lawyers in Bethesda, VA, please contact us today.

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