Florida WWII Veterans Wanted

On May 14, 2011, a US Airways flight will leave Daytona Airport bound for Washington, DC and the United States WWII Memorial there. Volusia Honor Air is currently seeking any ambulatory Veteran of WWII from Florida to participate; the only catch is that they must be WWII Veterans. The flights are free for WWII Veterans and are sponsored by the three Rotary Clubs in DeLand, FL. The only requirement is that the Veterans must attend a “Pre-Flight” luncheon on May 7th.

The flight will have a chaperon, called a guardian, for every two Veterans, as well as a medical doctor, two paramedics and a documentary film crew. The goal of Volusia Honor Air is designed to honor Veterans of WWII and show their appreciation and gratefulness for their sacrifices. It allows these Veterans to visit the new World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, at no cost to the Veterans.

For more information visit: http://volusiahonorair.org/

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