Firestorm Over VA’s Proposed Rule

VSOs, Attorneys Object to VA’s Changes.  

On October 31, 2013, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proposed a new rule that requires all Veterans to use VA’s pre-printed forms to file VA disability benefit claims and to appeal VA rating decisions.  Since then, a firestorm of opposition has arisen opposing VA’s effort that also significantly changes how Veterans appeal VA rating decisions.

First News Coverage on Veterans Day

The news story broke on Veterans Day 2013 in an article by investigative journalist Jamie Reno at Veteran Journal headlined, “New Rules for VA Claims Could Harm Veterans.”  Bergmann & Moore partner Glenn Bergmann raised several concerns about Veterans’ legal rights.  “While on the surface these proposed regulations look veteran-friendly, they really are not,” Bergmann told Veteran Journal.

Renewed Coverage by AP

After Bergmann & Moore and major Veteran Service Organizations submitted comments opposing VA’s proposed new rule in December 2013, another article was published on January 11, 2014, by reporter Kevin Freking at the Associated Press, “VA Under Fire for Proposed Disability Filing Rule.”  AP mentioned Bergmann & Moore’s opposition to VA’s proposed rule:

“The most serious, egregious attack on a veteran-friendly disability claim system in VA history,” contended the law firm of Bergmann & Moore, which specializes in pursuing disability claims.

More News and Editorials Quickly Follow

In the past few days, additional articles and newspaper editorials have strongly questioned VA’s proposed rule.

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