Federal Circuit Court Rules “Blue Water” Vietnam War Navy Veterans Eligible for Agent Orange Benefits from VA

January 29, 2019, Stars and Stripes, Nikki Wentling


Washington, DC — A federal court ruled Tuesday that Vietnam veterans who served on ships offshore during the war are eligible for benefits to treat illnesses linked to exposure to the chemical herbicide Agent Orange – a decision that has the potential to extend help to thousands of veterans.


The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled 9-2 in favor of Alfred Procopio, Jr., 73, who served on the USS Intrepid during the Vietnam War. Procopio is one of tens of thousands of “Blue Water” Navy veterans who served aboard aircraft carriers, destroyers and other ships and were deemed ineligible for the same disability benefits as those veterans who served on the ground and inland waterways.


To read the full article, see: https://www.stripes.com/court-decides-blue-water-navy-veterans-should-be-eligible-for-agent-orange-benefits-1.566543

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  1. Joel Lopez

    The next question is what’s going to be the definition of “territorial waters”? The legal definition , i.e. within 12 nautical miles of land or a different definition? And how do you fix the ship’s position? Request ship’s logs for all the ships in question and follow the commander’s positions?

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